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Wordy Rappinghood - O melhor do 2014


Great Canal Journeys

Operation Grand Canyon


The Great Wall of China: The Hidden Story

Secrets of the Castle with Ruth, Peter and Tom

Operation Stonehenge

Arte e Arquitetura

Schama on Rembrandt, Masterpieces of the Late Years

Dan Cruickshank and the Family That Built Gothic Britain

Treasures of Ancient Egypt

Jardim e Horta

The Big Allotment Challenge
British Gardens in Time

France: The Wild Side

Hidden Kingdoms

Wild Brazil


The Great British Sewing Bee, series 2

The Great Interior Design Challenge

BBC Mechanical Marvels Clockwork Dreams


The Secrets of Quantum Physics

Cosmos: A spacetime odyssey

The Great British Bake Off: Series 5


Queer as Pop: From Gay Scene to Mainstream

The Story of Funk - One Nation under a Groove

Northern Soul : Living for the Weekend
You've got a friend: The Carole King story

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Os segredos da física quântica

Professor of physics Jim Al-Khalili investigates the most accurate and yet perplexing scientific theory ever - quantum physics.

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Castelos, a historia da Grã-Bretanha fortificada

Historian Sam Willis traces the story of Britain's castles and their unique role in our history, art and literature.

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A história secreta: A Grande Muralha da China

Secret History examines the new evidence that rewrites the Great Wall of China's history, decodes its complex signals system and reveals the surprise ingredient that's kept it standing.

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A história do Funk: One Nation under a Groove

In the 1970s, America was one nation under a groove as an irresistible new style of music took hold of the country - funk. The music burst out of the black community at a time of self-discovery, struggle and social change. Funk reflected all of that. It has produced some of the most famous, eccentric and best-loved acts in the world - James Brown, Sly & the Family Stone, George Clinton's Funkadelic and Parliament, Kool & the Gang and Earth, Wind & Fire.
During the 1970s this fun, futuristic and freaky music changed the streets of America with its outrageous fashion, space-age vision and streetwise slang. But more than that, funk was a celebration of being black, providing a platform for a new philosophy, belief system and lifestyle that was able to unite young black Americans into taking pride in who they were.
Today, like blues and jazz, it is looked on as one of the great American musical cultures, its rhythms and hooks reverberating throughout popular music. Without it hip-hop wouldn't have happened. Dance music would have no groove. This documentary tells that story, exploring the music and artists who created a positive soundtrack at a negative time for African-Americans.

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Os segredos do castelo

Historian Ruth Goodman and archaeologists Peter Ginn and Tom Pinfold turn the clock back to learn the skills of medieval castle builders.

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A arte do Gótico

Andrew Graham-Dixon explores how a group of 19th-century architects and artists spurned the modern age and turned to Britain's medieval past to create iconic works and buildings.

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Roma: A primeira superpotência do mundo

Rome: The World's First Superpower is a Channel 5 television series in four episodes narrated by Larry Lamb about the Roman Empire first broadcast in October 2014. The series combined input from historians and CGI to present the history of ancient Rome

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Jardins gloriosos desde o aire

Horticulturist Christine Walkden embarks on a journey to explore Britain's gardens and countryside from a hot-air balloon.

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A família que construiu a Grande Bretanha Gótica

As good as any Dickens novel, this is the triumphant and tragic story of the greatest architectural dynasty of the 19th century. Dan Cruickshank charts the rise of Sir George Gilbert Scott to the very heights of success, the fall of his son George Junior and the rise again of his grandson Giles It is a story of architects bent on a mission to rebuild Britain. From the Romantic heights of the Midland Hotel at St Pancras station to the modern image of Bankside power station (now Tate Modern), this is the story of a family that shaped the Victorian age and left a giant legacy.

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Arquitetxs do Divino

Medieval historian Dr Janina Ramirez looks back to a time when British craftsmen and their patrons created a new form of architecture. The art and architecture of France would dominate England for much of the medieval age. Yet British stone masons and builders would make Gothic architecture their own, inventing a national style for the first time - Perpendicular Gothic - and giving Britain a patriotic backdrop to suit its new ambitions of chivalry and power. From a grand debut at Gloucester Cathedral to commemorate a murdered king to its final glorious flowering at King's College Chapel in Cambridge, the Perpendicular age was Britain's finest.

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Tutankamon: a Verdade Descoberta

What killed King Tutankhamun? Ever since his spectacular tomb was discovered, the boy king has been the most famous pharaoh of all ancient Egypt. But his mysterious death, at just 19 years old, has never been explained.
In this BBC One special, presenter Dallas Campbell reveals new scientific research and carries out unique experiments to get to the truth.
For the first time, a virtual autopsy of Tut's mummified body reveals astonishing secrets about the pharaoh. Using CT scan data, the programme creates the first ever full size, scientifically accurate image of the real Tutankhamun.
Brand new DNA analysis uncovers a shocking secret about Tut's family background, and the genetic trail of clues leads to a radical and revolutionary new theory to explain Tut's sudden and unexpected death.
This is an epic detective story that uncovers the extraordinary truth of the boy behind the golden mask.

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Engolida polo mar: a grande Cidade Perdida do Antigo Egito

Documentary following a team of maritime archaeologists as they uncover the remarkable city of Heracleion, lost to the sea and forgotten for over two thousand years.
In the fading days of the pharaohs, the city of Heracleion was the gateway to Egypt and a port beyond compare. In the 4th century BC, this was an opulent and prosperous place adorned with statues and sphinxes. It was a city of religious significance and home to the temple of Amun. In the 2nd century BC it was wiped off the face of the earth. In a mysterious subsidence, the coastline dropped by over 20ft and Heracleion was consumed by the sea. The lost city slept for centuries beneath the waters of the Mediterranean.
In 2000, archaeologists made an incredible find. Using ancient texts, they discovered the city's remains six kilometres off the Egyptian coast and only 10 metres underwater. Pristinely preserved, it is an archaeological jewel - an ancient Egyptian city frozen in time. The glorious temples, statues, houses and boats of the cities lie perfectly preserved by the sea, providing a snapshot of ancient Egyptian life. But many mysteries remain. What caused this sacred city to plunge into the sea? And why did its inhabitants deliberately sink over 65 ancient warships?

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Schama sobre Rembrandt: Obras-primas dos últimos anos

Icarus-like, Rembrandt flew ever higher towards the sun - the most successful artist in the richest city on earth, 17th-century Amsterdam. He lived like a prince and he loved living like a prince. But when his fall came - deep into bankruptcy and scandal, poverty and unfashionability - far from destroying him, it took him to new creative heights and a sense of humanity and the human condition that speaks more directly to us today than Rembrandt in his heyday. Simon Schama celebrates the masterpieces of the last years to coincide with the National Gallery's major exhibition on late Rembrandt.

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Os reinos perdidos da América Central

Dr Jago Cooper explores the rise and fall of the forgotten civilisations of Central America.

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O universo humano

Professor Brian Cox explores the most precious, most wonderful thing in the universe, us.

Brian Cox's Human Universe presents a fatally flawed view of evolution: Humans do not stand at the top of a ladder of creation, above the apes and below the angels, superior to all other species.

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A arte britânica na guerra

Andrew Graham-Dixon tells the story of how three British artists responded to the cataclysm of World War One.

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Caminhando através da história, série 4

Between 2012 and 2014, Tony Robinson presented a series of programmes for Channel 4 called "Walking through history". It featured Robinson hiking through iconic British landscapes, including the Cairngorms, the Jurassic Coast and Stonehenge. As of November 2014, 16 hour-long episodes have been broadcast in four series

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A casa das aranhas

Alice Roberts overcomes her arachnophobia to enter a spider-filled house where an astonishing drama unfolds within its walls.

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Histórias da Vida

Life Story is a British natural history television series with Mike Gunton, Rupert Barrington and Tom Hugh-Jones from the BBC Natural History Unit on the production team. The six-part series reveals the challenges faced by individual animals at different stages of their lives and is set to first broadcast on BBC One in 2014. The series is introduced and narrated by David Attenborough

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The Great Interior Design Challenge, series 2

The search for Britain's best amateur interior designers. Working in a variety of architectural styles, the contestants have three days to impress both the judges and the homeowners.

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domingo, novembro 16, 2014

A Atlantis da selva, a cidade oculta de Angkor Wat

Documentary series following an archaeological team in Cambodia as they use new laser scanning technology to uncover the mysteries of Angkor Wat and the medieval world's greatest metropolis.

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domingo, setembro 28, 2014

A casa colonial (2004)

The series, intended to recreate daily life in Plymouth Colony in 1628 along the lines of the recreated Plimoth Plantation, brought home to viewers the rigors of life for colonists in the early 17th century. The show was videotaped in a 1000-acre isolated area near Machias, Maine and featured colonists and several members of the current Passamaquoddy tribe of Maine. Historians from Plimoth Plantation and Maine historian and archaeologist Emerson Baker of Salem State College helped to make the setting as accurate as possible.

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A casa de Fronteira (2002)

Frontier House is a historical reality television series that originally aired on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in the United States from April 29 to May 3, 2002. The series followed three family groups that agreed to live as homesteaders did in the state of Montana on the American frontier in 1883. Each family was expected to establish a homestead and complete the tasks necessary to prepare for the harsh Montana winter. At the end of the series, each family was judged by a panel of experts and historians on their likelihood of survival for each group.

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Operaçom Stonehenge

Stonehenge is an icon of prehistoric British culture. This series follows a group of international scientists who believe that a state-of-the-art approach is the key to unlocking Stonehenge's secrets.

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The Great British Bake Off, série 5

Twelve of Britain's best amateur bakers battle it out over ten weeks in the Bake Off tent.

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Os barcos que fizerom a Grande Bretanha

The Bronze Age was the time when the British landscape became civilised, with fields, farms and the first roads, but little evidence survives of what life was like three and a half thousand years ago. In 1992, archaeologists in Dover town centre unearthed the most intact Bronze Age boat ever found. Tony Robinson joins a team of experts as they strive to reconstruct the Dover Boat and so unlock the secrets of this mysterious time in our past.

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Caminhadas polo monte com Ray Mears

Each episode cuts a path through a different landscape, with Ray travelling from dawn till dusk to explore each unique habitat and the incredible wildlife that exists there. Along the way we encounter rivers, dense forests and mountains peaks, as Ray goes in search of some of the UK’s greatest natural treasures.

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A história secreta das nossas ruas, série 2

Now, as its people stand at a crossroads in their history, the series travels to Scotland to tell the stories of three archetypal streets in Scotland's three great cities: Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen.
Endlessly surprising and not at all what you would expect, the stories of these streets are the story of a nation.
This is the story of Edinburgh's New Town and the Moray Estate - an area unlike anywhere else in Britain, with an architecture and a people seemingly unchanged over almost 200 years.

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Time Team America

Time Team America’s prime-time public television series, interactive website, and youth field schools provide stimulating opportunities for the public to learn about archaeology and explore some of the most important research taking place at sites around the United States.

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Os fabulosos sapos de Attenborough

David reveals all aspects of the frogs' life, their anatomy, their extraordinary behaviour and their ability to live in some of the most extreme places on the planet, as he goes on an eye-opening journey into the fabulous lives of frogs.

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Luzes brilhantes, Mentes Brilhantes: Um conto de três cidades

Dr James Fox tells the story of three cities in three exceptional years - cities whose artists and thinkers, writers and musicians set the world on a new course.

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Á busca de Bannockburn

700 years after one of the most significant conflicts in British history, Neil Oliver and Tony Pollard go in search of both the real and imagined Battle of Bannockburn.

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A arte da China

Andrew Graham-Dixon undertakes an epic journey to uncover the art of China.

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Sete Maravilhas do Commonwealth

They venture to the oldest desert on the planet, the most pristine rainforest, the world's greatest waterfall, the largest mangrove swamp, the richest coral reef and the world's most spectacular fjordland. The final wonder is found deep in a cave far closer to home.

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Vidas radicais de Melvyn Bragg

Melvyn Bragg examines the lives, work and legacy of two men whose ideas have had tremendous consequences both in their own time and down the centuries: John Ball and Thomas Paine.

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A Costa, O Canal da Mancha

Coast returns with fresh discoveries both around home shores and far beyond. In this first adventure, the team explores surprising stories on both sides of our shallowest, narrowest and busiest seaway - the English Channel.

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Jardins britânicos ao longo do tempo

Series which explores four iconic British gardens, from Christopher Lloyd's Arts and Craft Great Dixter to Georgian Stowe and from Victorian Biddulph Grange to the quintessentially English Nyman's.

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Maravilhas mecânicas

Documentary presented by Professor Simon Schaffer which charts the amazing and untold story of automata - extraordinary clockwork machines designed hundreds of years ago to mimic and recreate life.

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Northern Soul: Viver para o fim de semana

The northern soul phenomenon was the most exciting underground British club movement of the 1970s. At its highpoint, thousands of disenchanted white working class youths across the north of England danced to obscure, mid-60s Motown-inspired sounds until the sun rose. A dynamic culture of fashions, dance moves, vinyl obsession and much more grew up around this - all fuelled by the love of rare black American soul music with an express-train beat.

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Tens uma amiga, a história de Carole King

Documentary telling, in her own words, the story of Carole King's upbringing in Brooklyn and the subsequent success that she had as half of husband-and-wife songwriting team Goffin and King for Aldon Music on Broadway.
It was during this era in the early 1960s that they created a string of pop hits such as Take Good Care of My Baby for Bobby Vee, The Locomotion for Little Eva and Will You Love Me Tomorrow for the Shirelles, which became the first number 1 hit by a black American girl group. They also wrote the era-defining Up on the Roof for the Drifters and the magnificent Natural Woman for Aretha Franklin.
By 1970 Carole was divorced from songwriting partner Gerry Goffin and had moved to Los Angeles. It was here that she created her classic solo album Tapestry, packed with delightful tunes but also, for the first time, her own lyrics, very much sung from the heart. The album included It's Too Late, I Feel the Earth Move and You've Got a Friend and held the record for the most weeks at number 1 for nearly 20 years. It became a trusted part of everyone's record collection and has sold over 25 million copies to date.
The film features some wonderful unseen material and home movies, and narrates her life as an acclaimed singer-songwriter. To date, more than 400 of her compositions have been recorded by over 1,000 artists, resulting in 100 hit singles.
More recently, in 2013, Carole was the first woman to be awarded the prestigious Gershwin Prize for Popular Song by the Library of Congress for her songwriting, whilst in 2014 Broadway production Beautiful, which tells her life story during the Goffin and King era, has received rave reviews.
Nowadays Carole King would see herself as an environmental activist as much as a songwriter, and she is to be found constantly lobbying congress in defence of the wildlife and ecosystems of her beloved Idaho

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A Costa, Australia.

Coast Australia follows renowned Scottish archaeologist and historian Neil Oliver on his very first trip to Australia, as he and a diverse group of co-hosts gather stories about our spectacular coastline: the history, the people, the archaeology, the geography and the marine life, investigating interesting and little known facts along the way.

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domingo, julho 13, 2014

O grande desafio das hortinhas

The Big Allotment Challenge is a British television series that was first broadcast on BBC Two in April 2014. It is presented by Fern Britton and is about gardening in Britain.
In Oxfordshire, nine pairs of gardeners compete to win The Big Allotment Challenge 2014. Only one team can win and after each episode, one team leaves the series. There are three gardening judges: Jim Buttress, Jonathan Moseley and Thane Prince

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França, o lado selvagem

France is our closest neighbour and a popular holiday destination for many of us, but how familiar are we with its wildlife? With breathtaking photography, this film reveals that wolves, wild boar and even bears are living amongst France's many mountains, valleys and forests. Journeying from the Pyrenees to the Alps, all around the mainland to Corsica, this is the story of the 'wild side' of France. Narrated by Paul McGann.

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A revoluçom francesa: rasgando história

A journey through the dramatic and destructive years of the French Revolution, telling its history in a way not seen before - through the extraordinary story of its art. Our guide through this turbulent decade is the constantly surprising Dr Richard Clay, an art historian who has spent his life decoding the symbols of power and authority.
Dr Clay has always been fascinated by vandalism and iconoclasm, and believes much of the untold story of the French Revolution can be discovered through the stories of great moments of destruction. Who were the stone masons in the crowd outside Notre Dame that pulled down the statues of kings? Why do the churches of Paris still carry all the coded signs of anti-Christian state legislation? What does it mean, and who was carrying this out?
Telling the story of the French Revolution - from the Storming of the Bastille to the rise of Napoleon - as the significant modern outbreak of iconoclasm, Clay argues that it reveals the destructive and constructive roles of iconoclasts and how this led directly to the birth of the modern Europe.

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Como o Oeste foi ganhado

Series in which Ray Mears explores how the awesome wilderness of the North American continent shaped the story of the Wild West.

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Planeta macaco

Your animal family as you've never seen it before.

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Linhas borradas: A nova guerra dos sexos

From bomb threats sent to campaigners for more females on banknotes to sexually explicit pop videos. From extreme laddism at universities to rape jokes in the school yard... Kirsty Wark explores whether there's a new culture abroad in which it's acceptable to write about, talk about, and feature women in a sexually offensive, even abusive way. Or whether the female of the species just needs to 'man up', learn to enjoy a gag, and get used to the 21st century world.

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A história das mulheres e arte

Professor Amanda Vickery goes on a journey to discover a hidden world of female artistry.

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Histórias dos armários reais

Today, few people's clothes attract as much attention as the royal family, but this is not a modern-day Hello magazine-inspired obsession. As Dr Lucy Worsley reveals, it has always been this way. Exploring the royal wardrobes of our kings and queens over the last 400 years, Lucy shows this isn't just a public preoccupation, but our monarchs' as well. From Elizabeth I to our present queen, Lucy believes that the royal wardrobe's significance goes way beyond the cut and colour of the clothing and that royal fashion is and has always been regarded as their personal statement to their people. So most monarchs have carefully choreographed every aspect of their wardrobe and, for those who have not, there have sometimes been calamitous consequences.

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A vida secreta dos gatos

With the balance of a ballerina, senses so acute they can see what is invisible to humans, and their unique social skills cats are the most popular pets in Britain.

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